Kona One Design

A few of our masters travelled to Miami Beach, Florida in November 2010 to compete in the Kona One Design World Championship. Here is an extract of an article by Andrée Gauthier that will be published in the Fall 2010 newsletter.

“This was a race where everyone is on the same board with the same sail design. It is considered one design racing and is well established in Sweden. The competitors ranged in ability from expert racers to entry-level first time competitors. Kona signifies is Fun, Family and Fair racing. I am very interested in starting a fleet here in Ontario, Québec and hopefully Canada. Brad Woodworth of Northern Ontario and Dominique Vallée of Québec have agreed to help. If you need to know more about Kona One Design go to www.kona-windsurfing.com. If you are interested in the Kona One Design please contact me at andree.gauthier@rogers.com. I would like to arrange a group purchase of the boards used at the Worlds in order to get a fleet price and more people on the board to start a fleet.”

Kona North American Championships – March 4-6, 2011, Banana River Windsurfing Resort

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