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KONA WINDSURFING – come learn, race or just sail on a Kona. Help add Canada to the Kona Community.

I have attended two Kona races over the past year and am convinced that this is a great board for racing, learning and all around fun. I am attempting to establish a fleet of people within the Toronto area to race or sail on a Kona board. If you would like to be involved in a group purchase of a Kona kit please email me at andree.gauthier@rogers.com. Silent Sports will assist in this group purchase but I am the person to contact for now in order to coordinate interested purchasers. We cannot do this without a large number of dedicated people. We need a fleet. If there is an interest I would love to run clinics and possibly races this summer on the Kona so that we can all sail together and improve our skills.

Kona is uncomplicated and forgiving for beginners and youth but is still challenging to the advanced windsurfer. It is a board the whole family can use. It is versatile and user friendly.

Below is a close approximation of the cost for an almost new Kona Kit (everything included) that was used in Miami for the World Championship this past November. They are presently in Florida with Progressive Sports. To know more about the board, sail and class go to www.kona-windsurfing.com. Click on Kona One Design class in the upper left corner. If you click on ‘forum’ you can ask questions and get opinions from other Kona users around the world. At present the Kona North American’s will be held March 4-6, 2011 at Banana River Resort (www.bananariverwindsurfing.com/clinics) in Orlando area. Kona boards can be leased and this would be a good opportunity to try the board and racing class.

COST – In Canada we will have to add on 10% duty and the HST. Below the cost is in US dollars. If you do not want a gently used Kona, there are new ones available too.

USED Kona ones from Kona Worlds 2010

“A” condition = very good condition, no holes or repairs, will be scuffed up on the EVA deck pad.

“B” condition = good condition, no repairs, but the hull will have minor scratches, EVA deck pad will have cuts and scrapes.

“C” condition = still in very good shape, no repairs, but the boards will show wear all over and some dents, great choice for those on a budget.

US dollar prices, add 10% for duty and add HST.

Retail (new) “A” condition “B” condition “C” condition
Kona One hull only $1449 $942 $848 $754
Kona One w/9.0 rig $2641 $1683 $1515 $1347
Kona One w/7.4 rig $2525 $1612 $1451 $1290
Kona One w/6.5 rig $2439 $1557 $1402 $1246
Kona One w/5.0 rig $2398 $1531 $1378 $1226
9.0 rig only $1192 $741
7.4 rig only $1076 $670
6.5 rig only $990 $615
5.0 rig only $949 $589
9.0 kona sail $478 $310
7.4 kona sail $422 $275
6.5 kona sail $370 $240
5.0 kona sail $331 $215
520 mast 75% carbon $554 $334
460 mast 75% carbon $456 $275
430 mast 30% $249 $165
400 mast epoxy $125 $75
180-240 alum boom $204 $123
160-220 alum boom $193 $116

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