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Return to Islamorada, Florida Keys, USA
October 28 to November 2, 2016 –  Results

Following article by Mike Tindall, CMWA President

The 2016 Kona Worlds just wrapped up in epic conditions in Islamorada, Florida!

With more than a hundred competitors from all corners of the world, the action on the water was fierce. But beyond the racing action, the Worlds are first and foremost a chance for the Kona community to get together, rekindle friendships and welcome new members. “Grow the flower,” as Kona CEO Joachim Larsson likes to say.

We are proud to say we had 9 Canadians who competed. Mike Keltz came 3rd in the Silver fleet. Eight of these nine are Masters too. Here are the results as follows, weight class first and overall position second.

9th & 38th  Bob Shuttleworth.  2nd  & 47th Artem Lavrynenko. 12th &  49th Jeff Martin. 5th & 50th Artem Junior.  6th & 51st Colin Campbell, 18th & 81st Mike Keltz. 95th Chris Hope. 96th Mike Tindall. 99th Qiang Wang.

These are great results for the Canadians considering the high wind at 20 knots most days. Artem Junior did particularly well as he has not raced for some time.

Two of the biggest names in attendance were Beth Winkler and Andy Brandt. And while Beth has been racing on Kona for many years already, it was Andy’s first major championship in the class. Beth finished 3rd woman and 3rd in the lightweight division in the Gold fleet.

Andy finished in 4th place overall, and 2nd in the light-heavyweight division. Andy was the 2nd-ranked American too, he also won the freestyle contest at the end.

Andy indicated that Freestyle makes such a big difference in one’s sail handling and board handling when you’re racing. From being able to hold your position at the start, having effective tacks and jibes on the course. Andy indicated he had raced a lot of one-design as a kid, he really likes the Kona concept. It really seems to work well with the different sail sizes for different weights, as there were competitive people in all weight divisions. He says the board is easy to sail and control, which makes for fun racing!

Andy is a great instructor and did a couple of free clinics during the week. I have now signed up for a week in Bonaire to see if I can get better on a shortboard. Hoping that at 70 I can still learn! And improve. If not, I am sure I will have fun. I am hoping to scuba dive too.

Kona World Championships 2017July 31 to August 6, Bastad, Sweden


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