Kona One Design in Stores

A group of avid windsurfers are trying to grow the Kona one design fleet. We have succeeded slowly and now have been informed that our local board shops (Silent Sports and possibly Tropical North) have placed orders in order to have Kona available for the 2012 season. This board is not only for racing but is a board that works in all kinds of conditions and is good for all ages and levels of windsurfers. For entry level windsurfers you can learn through your windsurfing career advanced skills such as carve jibes, waterstarts and getting into the foot straps. All this is possible on the one board. It is also an entry into racing where you can learn the basics of racing, meet new people and improve your skills. It is highly recommended that you purchase a full kit especially if you plan to join the racing. This will keep the fleet as “One Design” and keep things fair and fun. Below are weight categories and recommended sail sizes for your weight range. To find out more about Kona go to www.konaone.com.

Kona + 5.0 rig   (Cadet)

Kona + 5.8 rig   (Cadet)

Kona + 6.5 rig   (<65 kg- 143.3 lbs)

Kona + 7.4 rig   (65-75kg- 143.3-165.3.lbs)

Kona + 8.2 rig   (75-85kg- 165.3-187.4 lbs)

Kona + 9.0 rig   (+85kg)

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